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Global Fields

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Blue mussel beds   Kelp beds   Serpulid aggregations  
Burrowed mud   Low or variable salinity habitats   Submarine structures made by leaking gases  
Carbonate mound communities   Maerl beds   Tide-swept algal communities  
Cold-water coral reefs   Maerl or coarse shell gravel with burrowing sea cucumbers   Tide-swept coarse sands with burrowing bivalves  
Coral gardens   Native oysters   Burrowing sea anemone  
Deep sea sponge aggregations   Northern sea fan and sponge communities   Pink sea fingers  
Flame shell beds   Offshore deep sea muds   White cluster anemone  
Horse mussel beds   Offshore subtidal sands and gravels   Northern feather star  
Inshore deep mud with burrowing heart urchins   Seagrass beds   Fan mussel  
Intertidal mudflats   Sea loch egg wrack beds   Heart cockle  
Kelp and seaweed communities on sublittoral sediment   Seamount communities   Ocean quahog  
Blue mussel beds   Horse mussel beds   Seagrass beds  
Cold-water coral reefs   Intertidal underboulder communities   Sea pen and burrowing megafauna communities  
Coral gardens   Littoral chalk communities   Sheltered muddy gravels  
Deep-sea sponge aggregations   Maerl beds   Subtidal chalk  
Estuarine rocky habitats   Mud habitats in deep water   Subtidal sands and gravels  
File shell beds   Native oyster beds   Tide-swept channels  
Fragile sponge and anthozoan communities   Peat and clay exposures  
Honeycomb worm reefs   Ross worm reefs  
Carbonate mounds   Littoral chalk communities   Sabellaria spinulosa reefs  
Coral gardens   Lophelia pertusa reefs   Seamounts  
Cymodocea meadows   Maerl beds   Sea-pen and burrowing megafauna communities  
Deep-sea sponge aggregations   Modiolus modiolus horse mussel beds   Zostera beds  
Intertidal mudflats   Oceanic ridges with hydrothermal vents/fields  
Intertidal Mytilus edulis beds on mixed and sandy sediments   Ostrea edulis beds  
Anemone aggregations   Coral garden   Hydrothermal vents/fields  
Bryozoan patches   Cold seeps   Mud and sand emergent fauna  
Cold-water coral reef   Deep-sea sponge aggregations   Sea-pen fields  

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